good business doing good for the community…

Community-led Social Enterprises

Developing Social Enterprises:

CIDANZ promotes community-led enterprises by fostering local start-ups and cooperative thinking. Our definition of Social Enterprise is a business driven by values not just profit; and a business that is owned and run by the community, with profit remaining in the community.


Our main goal is to enable people to be self-reliant through entrepreneurship, expressing their cultural knowledge, skills and abilities through products and services made with pride and passion, locally.

Therefore, we are 100% community driven, and YES the financial return is important to keep us going and achieving what really matters: the positive social change that local businesses can create.

We enable individuals and families to take control of their own future, supporting the development of local businesses in areas such as:

  • Arts & Craft
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Trades & Services
  • Culture, Languages, & Traditions
  • Health & Wellbeing

Social Enterprise Awards:

Our achievements would not be possible without the support of our friends, families, and community.

Enterprising Families Program

Our goal is to support individual family enterprise start-ups. The ‘Enterprising Families Program’ runs through to 2020. It supports families to get ready for business, to start their business, and then to grow their business initially through one of five community enterprise collectives that CIDANZ has established.   These collectives range from oneBASKET [Food & Hospitality Sector], oneTRADES [Trades Sector], oneBODY [Health & Fitness Sector], oneHERITAGE [Cultural Sector] and oneMARKET [Retail Sector]. Each Collective has been established to provide Affiliates with access to seed investment, assets, facilities, marketing, accounting support, business opportunities and compliance.

For more information on this Program, contact Ina Michael, Director of Business & Investment at or call 027 525 6140.

oneTRADES is a Trades & Maintenance Collective specialised in doing small jobs around the home and office. Whether it’s grounds or building maintenance, moving and removing old equipment from your office or home, our collective of family enterprises believe in good old quality Customer Service.

For more information, download our oneTRADES Services Flyer. To book a service, contact:

Business Manager LJ Unuia on 027 525 6149

oneBASKET is a Food Collective specialised in cooking with good clean ingredients and a touch of love. Whether it’s a large corporate event or a simple birthday celebration, oneBASKET offers catering services for all events. oneBASKET allows our families to bring their traditional dishes to the table, so you’ll not only be tasting the best of the Pacific, but also our families.

For more information or to Order Catering, contact:

Business Manager LJ Unuia on 027 525 6149

oneHERITAGE is a Cultural Collective focused on acknowledging, celebrating, and creating opportunities for all people and their respective cultures and traditions. From arts & crafts, to traditional and contemporary fashion, cultural shows, performance and education, oneHERITAGE creates opportunities through its Okotai shop and Vainetini (sewing group) workshop at 283 – 289 Kirkbride Road, Mangere.

For more information or to Purchase Products, contact:

Business Manager LJ Unuia on 027 525 6149


Our Enterprises are part of a Community Collective. This means that the services provided are owned and run by individual family enterprises, supported by us. By choosing oneTRADES, oneBASKET, or oneHERITAGE, you’re choosing to support local families, and local communities.