“Kia Matutu” – An ANZAC Day Message


“Akamaroiroi tatou na e akaketaketa no to tatou nei au tangata, e te au Oire o to tatou Atua, e na Iahova e rave i tei meitaki iaia ra.”

“Be strong and courageous! Let’s fight hard for our people and for the cities of our God. And may the Lord’s will be done!” – 2 Samuel 10:12

Courage. It’s an attribute our organisation has needed in order to get to where we are today. Although it’s one word, the weight of what it means varies across our people both in the present and in the past.  For our ANZAC soldiers it was leaving their families to stand in solidarity with the Crown and New Zealand. For our grandparents, and even great-grandparents it was leaving the Cook Islands in order to raise their families in a western world that was often lonely and isolating. For some of our young people it’s learning how to drive for the first time, and for our pepe’s it’s trusting that if they let go of our hands, that they won’t fall as they wobble through that first step. Courage is not the same for all of us, and yet in our everyday lives we are constantly displaying it in our own ways.

The month of April has seen our organisation continue to embrace courage in its many forms to get on with the work. Cook Islands Language Week has been confirmed for August 4th – 10th, with the opening launch set for Saturday 3rdAugust in Tokoroa. Our sporting communities came together to workshop with Auckland Council’s sports policy writers to assess where in South Auckland was the most need for our communities; more sporting facilities was highlighted. A small team was part of the Pacific Trades and Invest ‘Path to Trade’ Show that featured many Pacific entrepreneurs and products. We’ve also secured the contract to operate the Papakura Netball Centre Cafeteria for another season. CIDANZ has also taken on the contract to deliver the very first Pasifika focused Pink Shirt Day on May 4th, and as of today Wednesday 24thApril, will be hosting the ANZAC Commemoration for 2019.

With New Zealand on high alert we are of course concerned about the safety of our communities. However, like those of our Muslim community who knelt in the open in prayer at the Mangere Christchurch Memorial, the commemoration will go ahead. To some it may be an act of courage, but for the last 100 years we had forgotten our ANZAC Tupuna’s – holding the ceremony was our way of continuing to remember them.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” — Nelson Mandela

Pasifika Pink Shirt Day 2019 – “Courageous Conversations”


Pink Shirt Day is celebrated globally, beginning in Canada in 2007 when two students took a stand against homophobic bullying, after a pear was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. We are proud to present the very FIRST Pasifika Pink Shirt Day 2019!

Join us on Saturday 4th May 2019, 10.00am-2.00pm at the Mangere Arts Center. Through “Courageous Conversations” our Pasifika LGBTQI+ Community will be sharing their stories on how we can become an anti-bullying community.

“Path to Pacific Trade Show’ – An enterprising step forward


The Cloud was abuzz this past weekend hosting the ‘Path to Pacific Trade Show’ that packaged and brought to New Zealand the very best of our enterprising Pacific Islands. The day featured many traditional products such as tivaevae’s, ei katu’s, pearls from Manihiki, “organic jams and coconut soap from Fiji; rare gems and stunning handicrafts from the Solomon Islands; fashion, bilum weaves, coffee and baskets from Papua New Guinea; jewellery, garments and tapa art.”

“Hosted by New Zealand-based Pacific Trade Invest (PTI NZ), the economic development agency of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, the trade show is part of PTI NZ’s Path to Market programme – an export capability building initiative for Pacific Island companies to export into New Zealand, helping boost employment and entrepreneurship in the islands.”

Ian Furlong, Trade Development Manager for PTI NZ, was inspired by what CIDANZ’s cooperative model has been doing for local communities and families; inviting our organisation to be a part of the Trade Show. We were able to feature many of our families, including the arts and crafts from members of the Taokotai’anga Vainetini Collective, Tarani Crafts, AMD Youth Enterprise, and respective craft-makers across Auckland. Of those families featured was also couple Jessica and Paul Rawiri, owners of SaMaori Coffee.

Creating pathways into the market has been part of our organisations goals to help our families achieve their enterprising dreams. We extend our warmest regards to Ian and PTI NZ for a wonderful and successful event.

Island Night – A night made by families, for families!


Here at CIDANZ we’ve always kept the values of families at the center of everything that we do, including Island Night. Created as a safe space for all of us to come together and eat, sing, laugh and enjoy everything that makes us who we are, Island Night has grown not because of what we have done as a an organisation, but what our families within our organisation has done to make this night possible.

The night began as a way for our enterprising families, those not quite ready to get into business, to gain business confidence and trade in a market that they were comfortable in. Through this we have seen families set mouth-watering menu’s, investing hours, time and dollars into make those menu’s come to life, attracting friends and families to Island Night, and at the end of it, reinvesting in the next Island Night.

Island Night has also been the host of our arts including being the witness to beautiful performances by Te Au Moana Dance Troupe, and MBrace Pacific Dance Group. It has seen the crafts of several Mama’s, and a fashion line from Varu owned and operated by Richard Tekeu. Island Night has belted out some Cook Island music classics, and housed many performances, creators, cooks, and bakers.

The only investment our organisation makes into the night is staff time to set-up, a venu and a food truck. Otherwise, Island Night is owned and operated by families for families. We’re so proud of our community for coming together to make this happen. If you are in Auckland, pop-in every Friday, 5.00pm till late – and see what our families have to offer.

For updates on Island Night, Like and Follow our Facebook page @cidanzakl


Kai Tupuna & SaMaori – Open for Another Season


Following the success of our food cooperative model at Papakura Netball Center in 2018, was the renewal of the contract that this weekend, saw two new families operating the cafeteria area’s. They were Kai Tupuna, owned and led by Cook Islands mother-daughter duo Tearoa & Michelle Potoru; and SaMaori, owned and operated by Samaon/Maori power couple Jessica and Paul Rawiri.


Our food cooperative model is simple. Families become an affiliate to our organisation, granting them access to all our skills and services. Based on their business focus, they enter our enterprising program and work towards either becoming an established business or expand on their current business.  CIDANZ then seeks out real opportunities for families to tests their products and services in. Based on the return from opportunities, families begin to achieve their financial goals, and meet their financial outcomes. Depending on the investment of CIDANZ into the families and opportunities, a percentage is brought back into the organisation. Those earnings are then re-invested into the program to help new families.

During this process we are inspired by the families, learn more from them and add a little more to our basket of knowledge. We are proud to welcome SaMaori to the fold, and even prouder to see Kai Tupuna continuing to do what they do best.

For more information on SaMaori, visit their website at https://samaori.co.nz/

And for more information on Kai Tupuna, contact Kai Tupuna at mpotoru@gmail.com

“Increasing Aucklanders Participation in Sport” – A Community Consultation

The Cook Islands sporting community participated in a consultation workshop on Wednesday 27th March 2019. The workshop was one of several consultations currently being undertaken by a small team from Auckland Council’s policy department. The aim of the workshop was to share with the community Auckland Council’s Sports Investment Plan for 2019 – 2039, and to seek ideas around what are the current ‘needs’ in the community. The plan seeks to invest $1 Billion across the whole of Auckland over a period of 10 years.

Many attendees including Tupou Manapori, President of Auckland Cook Islands Sports Association (ACISA) shared their views on the lack of sporting facilities and greenery in Mangere and Otara. And while there were facilities available, gaining access to those facilities were difficult. With Auckland Council encouraging the community to seek answers online, it was identified that the face-to-face interaction at the ground level was removed from Auckland Council’s operations. This was discouraging to attendees because having someone to talk to encouraged a partnership between council and community, and made the community feel heard.

Other issues brought to the forefront was the way in which sports information was communicated, and how ‘our voice’ was not present throughout the document. The community was adamant that if council were to bring together another consultation workshop, they would like someone preferably from the same cultural background who understood Maori.

As the Sport Portfolio holder for Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board, Nick Backulich also attended the workshop to hear the insights of the community, and to offer a word of encouragement. Mangere and many area’s in South Auckland house the highest Pacific population, and with it majority of Auckland’s sporting talents. Investment in South Auckland is not only an investment in the community, but also in those talents!

Auckland Council encourages our people to have their say at aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/have-your-say/

Mini Pasifika Pop-Up at Kirkbride Road, Mangere


In light of recent events, the last day of Polyfest and the whole of the Pasifika Festival was cancelled.

Statement from Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development’s General Manager Destination, Steve Armitage:

“Given the need to prioritise police resourcing following the terrible events in Christchurch, we have today decided to cancel the Pasifika Festival for the coming weekend, 23 and 24 March.

Initial discussions with New Zealand Police gave us hope that through the festival we would be able to bring Auckland’s communities together at this time of national mourning.

However, given the unprecedented nature of what has happened, we appreciate and respect that the New Zealand Police must prioritise resourcing to ensure the safety of all our communities across Tāmaki Makaurau.

Pasifika Festival will return bigger and brighter than ever in 2020.”

Many were disappointed with the outcome, but understood ATEED’s position on the matter. However, stall holders who had spent months preparing for these events, have been left without support and with beautiful products they intended to sell at these festivals.

To support those stall holders who had invested in traveling here from our beautiful Cook Islands, we are hosting a mini pop-up at CIDANZ today and tomorrow. This is the opportunity for us to still get our Pareu’s, Eei Katu’s, Drums and Ukes all the way from the Cook Islands. Which leaves the questions, when and where?

When: 21 – 22 March, 2019, midday to 8.30pm 

Where: CIDANZ HQ, 283 – 289 Kirkbride Road, Mangere. 

“Al-Salam Alaikum”, Peace Be Upon You – A Message from Our Chairman

[Pictured: Al-Madinah School students with their wonderful signs at the commemoration held on Wednesday 20th March]

Al Salam Alaikum – peace be upon you, is a Muslim greeting that has blessed and opened many vigils across New Zealand. Before March 15th, it was a greeting spoken among our Muslim communities as a sign of respect to one another. Over the last few days, it has been spoken by all community leaders across our diverse nation. It is a greeting that is inclusive and has welcomed us into spaces made safe by us all to mourn and commemorate the lives of those taken.

As news of the attack came through various media networks and social media, our organisation reacted as any would by connecting with and sending prayers to our Board Member Terekino Vaireka based in Christchurch, and through him our Cook Islands Christchurch community. It wasn’t until later that evening that we came to learn that it was a targeted attack on our Muslim brothers and sisters in a place they felt safe, their place of worship – their mosque temples. As with many across New Zealand and the world, our hearts mourned not just the lives taken, and the families affected, but those who had migrated here on the premise that they would be safe from acts of terror.

I reflect on our Prime Minister Jacinda Adern’s words to the families affected by this tragedy “we cannot know your grief, but we can walk with you at every stage. We can. And we will, surround you with aroha, manaakitanga and all that makes us, us. Our hearts are heavy, but our spirit is strong.”

The way that we react to tragedy is determined by those in leadership. Jacinda’s words were prophetic in that following the days after the shooting, we as a country have united to surround our Muslim community with love, kindness, generosity, support and respect. In speaking Al Salam Alaikum, we choose to stand in solidarity with our Muslim community because “we are them, and they are us.”

Despite what has happened, our Muslim communities have held strong and continue to open their arms and their doors to us all. If you would like to pay your respects to them, this Friday 22 March mosques across Auckland will open their doors to the public, their holiest day of the week. We can learn a lot from our Muslim communities.

With our utmost respect, we will be donating to the Christchurch families on behalf of the Cook Islands community we serve. If you’d like to do the same, here is the link to the donation page: https://bit.ly/2USm9lj. With this, we also send our love, prayers and condolences to the families affected.

Ko te Atua to tatou akapu’anga e te maroiroi i te tauturu vaiata roa ia, me rokoia e tumatatenga – Salamo 46:1

God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.


Meitaki Ma’ata, Henry Herman



At CIDANZ, smooth business and operational processes and systems are the key to our success. We’re in need of a business support manager for 30 hour per week with excellent organization skill and a personable disposition. You’ll be a strong and reliable support to company operations, maintaining and creating procedures, communication, and collaboration between the CIDANZ team of staff, its Board of Trustees, stakeholders and the family and community enterprise clients we serve. Not only will your effects allow us to achieve organizational efficiency, you will provide strategic business insights, effective family navigation planning and process with excellent communication skills and impeccable attention to detail.

Objectives of this Role

  • Administrative and operational support to Chief Executive and team, coordinating meetings and diaries, communications and operational needs, including effective relationships with enterprising families.
  • Serve as the eyes and ears of the office, providing information, answering questions, and responding to requests for information and overseeing family and visitor experience for anyone coming into CIDANZ (office and oneCOMMUNITY SHED),
  • Implement established policies and procedures, measure outcomes against standards, and improve operational flow when identified
  • Coordinate internal and external resources, optimal operation of office equipment, supplies, and inventories with preventive maintenance, and ensuring peak organizational operations
  • Maintain workflow by analyzing and refining standard operating procedures, such as scheduling, communications, office layout, etc.
  • Oversee and support the team’s practice and operation of the CIDANZ’s SPIRIT – Sustainability, Professionalism, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, and Togetherness.
  • Maintains CIDANZ and staff safety, confidentiality, credibility and pride in what we do.

Business Support – Administration

  • Provide direct administrative support as needed, including scheduling appointments, meetings, mail correspondence and events, booking travel, catering, donations/ koha, mailing and shipping packages, updating contact database and employee list, generation and distribution of memos, letters, spreadsheets, forms, and faxes.
  • Maintain office and business efficiency by organizing policies & procedures, managing filing and database systems (including business resources, libraries of documentation, stakeholder, client/ family databases).
  • Provide training to all staff on the file and database systems, process and policies and report monthly on the effectiveness of the processes.
  • Plan, organize, and schedule all team and Board meeting agendas, taking and recording of minutes, alongside CE.
  • Create and manage a list of tasks (team and CE reporting) to be performed for team and Board meetings alongside CE.
  • Answer telephone and email inquiries, welcoming visitors to the office, and serving as front-of-house/ go-to for office and business inquiries.
  • Support to CE to ensure that all required reporting (to staff, Board, funders) is done in a timely manner.
  • Assist with all service performance indicators/action plans to meet quality accreditation, legal and contractual obligations.
  • Support marketing and communication team as required by CE.
  • Provide ‘soft’ administration support to the oneCOOPERATIVE businesses Eg. purchasing for oneBASKET, oneTRADES, oneHERITAGE, oneBODY on CE request only and directly pass on all receipts to CE for accountability purposes.
  • Ensure operational activities comply with internal systems controls, policies and procedures, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure the organisation meets requirements relating to safety and health in the workplace.
  • Regular reporting to the CE and team leaders, which includes risks and options to mitigate risks. Ensure all areas of concern/potential complaints are immediately brought to the attention of CE and staff.
  • Quality management – ensuring CIDANZ’s SPIRIT values are reflected at all times in the operational practice of the organisation.

Business Support – Facilities and Assets Management

  • Work with Management to effectively map and record all of the Trust’s Assets and Resources and report monthly.
  • Check daily that common area & booking spaces (Office, Boardroom and SHED) and area is neat and tidy (instruct others to take care of the space if their personal items encroaches on the common area).
  • Establish a regular cleaning kitchen roster for staff to maintain.
  • Manage the Facility Booking/ hire system of office space and oneCOMMUNITY SHED. Record and report weekly on all planned facilities functions, activities, meetings and events. Ensure the Facility Calendar is up to date by checking in at the weekly team meetings and with CEO’s/Coop Leads and report weekly.
  • Develop and manage an effective Asset Management and Booking System, including process and policy for the booking/ use of all CIDANZ assets, equipment and resources with the CE/ Evolve Accounting
  • Record and report weekly on all asset and resource use/ hire/ requirements and checking in at the weekly team meetings and with CEO’s/Coop Leads and report weekly.
  • Manage office equipment and supplies such as technology, stationery and equipment, kitchen and bathroom needs and maintaining the condition of the office, arranging for any necessary repairs and/or replacement of equipment.

eFAMILY Support

  • Support CIDANZ (oneCOOP) staff to maintain and enhance active working relationships between providers, communities and enterprising family/ whānau.
  • Support oneCOOP staff to coordinate oneCOOP activities and events.
  • Support the delivery of the eFAMILIES work programme, including family plans, surveys and evaluation needs.
  • Support engagement and communication with enterprising families held on the database.
  • Identify service and quality improvements and assist in planning and implementing quality improvement initiatives.


The foregoing paragraphs are intended to describe the duties that the appointee will be expected to undertake in this position. However, it is expected that as efficiencies are created with business administration and facility management support, more opportunity will be available to undertake more support to the eFAMILIES and oneCOOP functions.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • 2+ years of office management experience.
  • An understanding of Cook Island, Pacific and Maori communities, including local knowledge.
  • Understanding of working with whānau.
  • Understanding of working with agencies, sectors locally, regionally, nationally.
  • Problem solving experience; good attention to detail; ability to stay calm under pressure.
  • A great team player with a desire to show initiative.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong time-management and people skills, flexibility, and multitasking ability.
  • Advanced computer skills and experience with online platforms.
  • Proficiency Microsoft Office, with aptitude to identify and learn new software and systems.

Our behavior is guided by our Team Values:
[S] Sustainable, [P] Professional, [I] Integrity, [R] Respect. [I] Innovation, [T] Togetherness

To apply for this position, please send your letter of interest along with your resume/CV and 3 professional references to: Janet Akai, Manager – Business Improvement janet@cidanz.co.nz

For additional information about CIDANZ please visit www.cidanz.co.nz



At CIDANZ, knowing our impact, measuring our programs for long-term sustainable improvement is critical to our work, our relevance and operational success. We’re in need of a part-time 20 hours a week special someone with significant experience in the design and execution of evaluation strategies, social research, and outcomes measurement. We care deeply about the families and communities we serve and about each other’s growth. We work hard—because we know that our work changes lives and shapes communities.

The position of Director of Research, Impact & Evaluation is a visionary, a partner, a collaborator, a compassionate observer, the conscience. You will ensure that our programs and processes are working so that families and communities have meaningful opportunities to participate in their own development. You’re committed to lasting, positive social impact on our communities across the country—and view families and communities as a critical partner in making regional and local change happen. You are hyper-organized and exceptional at project management.


  • Experienced professional and executor of impact & evaluation strategies, social research, program/process evaluation and outcomes measurement;
  • A quaint with a heart;
  • A disciplined AND creative professional that understands that evaluation is both an art and a science. Someone who understands how data can be used to uncover potential and opportunities for growth and innovation across multiple platforms;
  • Enjoys a fun, grassroots, impact-minded working environment;
  • Thrives when working in a fast-paced environment with frequent changing priorities;
  • Exceptional organizational, analytical and problem solving skills—must be able to think on your feet and outside the box;
  • A strong team player, who is also a self-starter with a desire to take on new challenges; Time management skills are a must; must be flexible and able to work outside of normal business
    hours including up to 15% travel to various locations around the country;
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and general comfort with technology.
  • Bachelor’s degree required; MA/MS or Ph.D. preferred; significant coursework in impact and evaluation statistics strongly preferred,

Our behavior is guided by our Organizational Values:

[S] Sustainable, [P] Professional, [I] Integrity, [R] Respect. [I] Innovation, [T] Transformation


To apply for this position, please send your letter of interest along with your resume/CV and 3 professional references to: Janet Akai, Manager – Business Improvement janet@cidanz.co.nz

For additional information about CIDANZ please visit www.cidanz.co.nz