Call for Applications: Young Pacific Leaders Conference 2020

Applications are now open for young leaders who are passionate about improving their communities, countries and the Pacific region! If you’re between the ages of 25 – 35, apply today to attend the Young Pacific Leaders Conference in Papua New Guinea from 21 – 24 April 2020. Apply by 3rd February HERE.

The United States Department of State, in partnership with Cultural Vistas, is now accepting applications from emerging leaders across the Pacific to attend the Young Pacific Leaders (YPL) Conference in Papua New Guinea in April.

The seventh Young Pacific Leaders Conference in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, will enhance Pacific leaders’, ages 25-35, leadership skills and regional knowledge to advance the economic vibrancy and civic engagement within the region. The YPL Conference will include informational sessions, skills workshops, cultural activities, and site visits to deepen participants’ capacity to address regional issues related to YPL’s four programmatic themes: Education; Environment and Resource Management; Civic Leadership; and Economic and Social Development.

Applicants will be selected from across the independent Pacific states, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Pacific French Territories, and the American-affiliated Pacific (American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Hawaii). Outstanding alumni of previous conferences are also invited to apply to participate in the 2020 YPL Conference as alumni mentors. All applications are due by February 3, 2020 and can be completed online.

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Cultural Vistas at for any questions about the conference, or to request a fillable PDF version of application if needed. Participants will be required to attend the full conference program (April 21 – 24, 2020, not including travel days). All travel, lodging and meals will be provided to selected participants and alumni.

At the conclusion of the YPL Conference, all YPL alumni will be eligible to compete for small grant funding to support projects in their countries and the region. In addition, conference participants and the larger YPL community will participate in YPL LEADS throughout the month of May, a month-long event highlighting the YPL program through service-related activities in their communities.

IT’S BACK! Na’au Night 2020


Join us for a chill evening with good company, good food and chill vibes.

Date: Friday 17th January

Time: 4.00pm – 8.30pm

Address: 287 Kirkbride Road, Mangere.

CIDANZ Holiday Office Hours


OFFICE CLOSED: Friday 20th December 2019 – 5.00pm

OFFICE OPEN: Monday 20th January 2020 – Normal hours

Invercargill Cook Islands Community – CIDSAP NZ Review

I teia epetoma I topa ake nei kua aere atu te pupu o te CIDANZ arataki ia e te vaine maata Rouruina Brown I te atoro atu I te iti tangata e noo nei ki te vaka Invecargill, Otepoti e te Waipounamu.

Kare oki I rauka ana Ia Rouruina I te aru atu I te pupu no te aravei atu anga I te iti tangata I te Waipounamu ināra I roto te araveianga atu I te iti tangata I invecargill kua akaari  mai ratou e ko tetai apinga puapinga roa atu koia ko te akaoukouanga mai I te iti tangata ki te ngai okotai. I Otepoti oki, kua akaari mai ratou e ko tetai apinga maata roa atu ta ratou e inangaro nei koia ko tetai ngutuare no ratou ei akakoukou atu I te iti tangata I reira. I teia tuatau oki te ta angaanga nei te iti tangata I tetai ngutuare no te trust tei akakoro ia oki e no te iti tangata Patipika katoatoa. Kua akakite oki ratou e, me rauka tetai ngutuare no ratou, ka mama mai te rave atu I tetai au angaanga ke atu mei te apii I te reo, te apii aitamu e pera tetai ngai no te ariki anga atu I te au tere e aere atura ki roto I to ratou Vaka. Kare oki e mei te mea ka oake atu te CIDANZ I tetai moni no te akatu I te are, mari ra rauka I te CIDANZ I te angaanga kapiti atu ki teia Vaka I te kimikimi atu anga I tetai au ravenga no tetai tauturu no te akatu atu anga I tetai ngutuare.

I te Waipounamu oki kare I oti meitaki te uriurianga noatu e kua matara mai tetai au manako, te akara nei oki ratou no te uriuri atu I rotopu rai ia ratou no te akapapu atu I to ratou au anoano puapinga.

Ko teia au angaanga oki e atoro nei te CIDANZ I te au vaka I Aotearoa nei koia oki no te akara atu I te turanga o te iti tangata I roto I teia au vaka kia rauka I te akara atu e, ka akapeea I te angaanga kapiti atu anga kia ratou no te akamatūtū mai I to ratou turanga kia matutu mai ratou I te tauturu anga ia ratou uao rai e pera te tauturu atu anga tetai I tetai. Penei e ka rauka I tetai vaka I te tauturu atu I tetai na roto I te au akara’anga o te au angaanga ta ratou e rave ra, kua riro mai I reira te CIDANZ e akamata atu I te angaanga kapiti I rotpu I te vaka, mei tei reira ara te tu.

Te oronga atu nei te Vaine maata o te CIDANZ a Rouruina Brown I te akameitakianga maata kia kotou e te au vaka tei aravei iatu, no ta kotou turuturu anga mai I teia akakoro’anga.


Whanganui Cook Islands Community – CIDSAP NZ Review

In 2012, a small team from CIDANZ and the Takitumu Cultural Society travelled the length of New Zealand meeting with 9 regions to shape what became the Cook Islands Development Action Plan (CIDAP). The plan became the national framework that guided CIDANZ’s work and strategic direction. From these communities came 11 priorities and 59 actions. It has been seven years since the CIDAP was formed and we are in the process of refreshing that plan, renamed the Cook Islands Development Strategic Action Plan (CIDSAP). To do this we are aiming to meet with those founding regions, and others to create a strong national action plan in parallel with a uniquely regional specific plan.

These plans will hold the regions community development stories, and their top three priorities. At the moment we’ve completed 50% of Aucklands refreshment, and this evening our small team of four met with the leaders of the Wanganui Cook Islands Community. The leaders present were proactive in identifying their priorities and future focus. Thank you to these leaders who not only came out this evening, but set the direction for Cook Islands people living and working in Wanganui.

A Tivaevae of Local Government and Community

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Knitted together through Na’au Night, local government and pacific communities came together to celebrate the goodness of our communities. Our arts and crafts were on display with a mini exhibition held my Auckland Newton Vainetini. Our food was also out in full force with traditional dishes like curried poko’nio, mitiore, sweet uto drinks, mainese, and a live lamb spit.

Na’au Night is a communit event supported by the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry for Pacific Peoples. The purpose of Na’au Night is to raise the bar of Pacific food and beverage, to give families the platform and the tools to sell their kai tupuna, and to sell locally produced market crafts. However, Na’au isn’t just about families selling their goods, but small businesses learning how to trade while earning an income. As members of our Enterprising Families programme, Na’au Families are given access to resources and tools to help them realise their enterprising dreams.

If you would like to become a stall holder contact Chris Arere on 027 276 4172, for live updates about Na’au, follow our Facebook page @cidanzakl, and for more information, contact us.

2019 CIDANZ Annual General Meeting

CIDANZ is where it is today because our community challenges us. In the best ways we are pushed, we are criticised, we are lifted, and we are even moved to tears. 2019 marks our tenth year in the community. We’ve learned a lot and made a few mistakes along the way.

Over those years we’ve also had many hands on this Trust, working hard to take this organisation from cold bare floors to what it is today. We can never forget those vaka and enua leaders who came before, and who are still travelling along with us. With volunteers, great minds, dedication, support and faith in the work CIDANZ grew, securing contracts that bolstered staffing abilities and the work that we do. 

This year we sadly had to bid farewell to one of those great peoples, Lindsay Unuia. With his tenacity, ability to rally the community like no one else, and strong business focus, CIDANZ was able to launch a Pig Cooperative, ignite Island Night, host the very first Pacific Pink Shirt Day and many more! We miss him around here and continue to wish him and his young family well.

Many still ask us “what is the role of CIDANZ?” and many will still ask us. To that we say, our doors are open. Over the next few months we will work harder to communicate our work out to the community, to be more transparent, and to support the priorities of our Cook Islands people.

Na’au Night – A Summer Series



Na’au Night – A Summer Series is proudly sponsored by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP), and Pasifika Futures Ltd (PFL). Created by the cooperative enterprising spirit of local families, Na’au Night, pronounced ‘NAH-OH’ means “for you”, is about raising the bar of Pacific food and beverage. In the heart of South Auckland our communities are predominantly Pacific, but that doesn’t mean that we’re surrounded by Pacific food. Together we want to raise the bar of Pacific food by hosting an event that has local families selling cultural food created from authentic family recipes. From Takihi known to Niue, to Mitiore known to the Cook Islands, Na’au Night will entice your taste buds, and take you back to the islands.

Join us Friday 1st November at CIDANZ (287 Kikrbirde Road, Mangere) with a live pork spit, and Pacific food + beverages from Niue, Tonga, Samoa, the Cook Islands and many more! We will also have a crafts exhibition, and launch the Kia Orana Pasifika Gallery (KPG) – a gift shop filled with cultural arts and crafts. We are currently creating a community-owned online store for KPG at

This event is open to all to enjoy. You can also become a stall holder or to be a part of our volunteer team! To do so, contact Tangee Kokaua on 021 116 9517 or email

We’ll see you there!

[NOW CLOSED] Job Vacancy: Business Growth & Investment Lead

At CIDANZ we care deeply about the families and communities we serve and about each other’s growth.  We work hard – because we know that our work changes lives and shapes communities.

We are looking for a Business Growth and Investment Lead to join our team! You will play a key strategic role, contributing a significant part in the business growth, relationships, new investment and the sustainability of financial performance of the organization.


Business Growth and Investment Lead

Main purpose of job

To grow the Trusts Business, Innovation & Enterprise priorities and the implementation of the 2020-2030 National Cook Islands Development Strategic Action Plan with a specialist focus on business and employment growth and inward investment

Main responsibilities

  1. Lead on all business support and growth activities
  2. Lead on business relationships and account management
  3. Lead on all inward investment activities

Key tasks

  1. Lead on all business relationships and engagement including account management and business support to ensure effective retention and growth of local businesses
  2. Lead all inward investment activities including managing inward investment enquiries, identifying and generating inward investment leads and coordinating the soft landing process for businesses supported by the Trust
  3. Build and maintain close relationships with national, regional and local property agents and investors to identify and convert inward investment leads into the Trust
  4. Work closely with the Team to promote the Trust as a partner for business investment
  5. Lead on business and sector intelligence gathering and analysis to identify cross- sector fertilisation opportunities leading to business retention, attraction and growth
  6. Liaise with key economic development and inward investment stakeholders including to ensure the Trust benefits from inward investment opportunities
  7. Identify and represent the Trust at relevant property and investment meetings and events to ensure local businesses and the Trust benefit from inward investment opportunities
  8. Support the Team with the implementation and delivery of the 2020-2030 Cook Islands Development Strategic Action Plan through the development of innovative projects focused on job creation, education, skills and business growth and attraction
  9. Identify funding opportunities and develop funding bids


Our behavior is guided by our Organizational Values:

[S] Sustainable, [P] Professional, [I] Integrity, [R] Regenerative. [I] Innovation, [T] Transformation


To apply for this position, please send your letter of interest along with your resume/CV and 2 professional references to: Elizabeth Fa’alili, Manager – Business Administration For additional information about CIDANZ please visit