Invercargill Cook Islands Community – CIDSAP NZ Review

I teia epetoma I topa ake nei kua aere atu te pupu o te CIDANZ arataki ia e te vaine maata Rouruina Brown I te atoro atu I te iti tangata e noo nei ki te vaka Invecargill, Otepoti e te Waipounamu.

Kare oki I rauka ana Ia Rouruina I te aru atu I te pupu no te aravei atu anga I te iti tangata I te Waipounamu ināra I roto te araveianga atu I te iti tangata I invecargill kua akaari  mai ratou e ko tetai apinga puapinga roa atu koia ko te akaoukouanga mai I te iti tangata ki te ngai okotai. I Otepoti oki, kua akaari mai ratou e ko tetai apinga maata roa atu ta ratou e inangaro nei koia ko tetai ngutuare no ratou ei akakoukou atu I te iti tangata I reira. I teia tuatau oki te ta angaanga nei te iti tangata I tetai ngutuare no te trust tei akakoro ia oki e no te iti tangata Patipika katoatoa. Kua akakite oki ratou e, me rauka tetai ngutuare no ratou, ka mama mai te rave atu I tetai au angaanga ke atu mei te apii I te reo, te apii aitamu e pera tetai ngai no te ariki anga atu I te au tere e aere atura ki roto I to ratou Vaka. Kare oki e mei te mea ka oake atu te CIDANZ I tetai moni no te akatu I te are, mari ra rauka I te CIDANZ I te angaanga kapiti atu ki teia Vaka I te kimikimi atu anga I tetai au ravenga no tetai tauturu no te akatu atu anga I tetai ngutuare.

I te Waipounamu oki kare I oti meitaki te uriurianga noatu e kua matara mai tetai au manako, te akara nei oki ratou no te uriuri atu I rotopu rai ia ratou no te akapapu atu I to ratou au anoano puapinga.

Ko teia au angaanga oki e atoro nei te CIDANZ I te au vaka I Aotearoa nei koia oki no te akara atu I te turanga o te iti tangata I roto I teia au vaka kia rauka I te akara atu e, ka akapeea I te angaanga kapiti atu anga kia ratou no te akamatūtū mai I to ratou turanga kia matutu mai ratou I te tauturu anga ia ratou uao rai e pera te tauturu atu anga tetai I tetai. Penei e ka rauka I tetai vaka I te tauturu atu I tetai na roto I te au akara’anga o te au angaanga ta ratou e rave ra, kua riro mai I reira te CIDANZ e akamata atu I te angaanga kapiti I rotpu I te vaka, mei tei reira ara te tu.

Te oronga atu nei te Vaine maata o te CIDANZ a Rouruina Brown I te akameitakianga maata kia kotou e te au vaka tei aravei iatu, no ta kotou turuturu anga mai I teia akakoro’anga.


Whanganui Cook Islands Community – CIDSAP NZ Review

In 2012, a small team from CIDANZ and the Takitumu Cultural Society travelled the length of New Zealand meeting with 9 regions to shape what became the Cook Islands Development Action Plan (CIDAP). The plan became the national framework that guided CIDANZ’s work and strategic direction. From these communities came 11 priorities and 59 actions. It has been seven years since the CIDAP was formed and we are in the process of refreshing that plan, renamed the Cook Islands Development Strategic Action Plan (CIDSAP). To do this we are aiming to meet with those founding regions, and others to create a strong national action plan in parallel with a uniquely regional specific plan.

These plans will hold the regions community development stories, and their top three priorities. At the moment we’ve completed 50% of Aucklands refreshment, and this evening our small team of four met with the leaders of the Wanganui Cook Islands Community. The leaders present were proactive in identifying their priorities and future focus. Thank you to these leaders who not only came out this evening, but set the direction for Cook Islands people living and working in Wanganui.

A Tivaevae of Local Government and Community

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Knitted together through Na’au Night, local government and pacific communities came together to celebrate the goodness of our communities. Our arts and crafts were on display with a mini exhibition held my Auckland Newton Vainetini. Our food was also out in full force with traditional dishes like curried poko’nio, mitiore, sweet uto drinks, mainese, and a live lamb spit.

Na’au Night is a communit event supported by the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry for Pacific Peoples. The purpose of Na’au Night is to raise the bar of Pacific food and beverage, to give families the platform and the tools to sell their kai tupuna, and to sell locally produced market crafts. However, Na’au isn’t just about families selling their goods, but small businesses learning how to trade while earning an income. As members of our Enterprising Families programme, Na’au Families are given access to resources and tools to help them realise their enterprising dreams.

If you would like to become a stall holder contact Chris Arere on 027 276 4172, for live updates about Na’au, follow our Facebook page @cidanzakl, and for more information, contact us.