"Kā Turu Mātou Kia Mātūtū koe rauka atu ei te ‘Ātui’anga tau"

Community Connector Service

Accessing local services and organisations made easy

Knowing where to go to for information, programmes and social services that you and your family need to help yourselves is made easy with our Community Connection Service.

What is the Community Connector Service?

“Everyone should be able to access the services, information and support they need to get on in life. This is true now more than ever as people and families deal with Covid-19 and its impacts on their everyday life, households, work and schooling.   

However, not everyone knows these supports and services exist, that they may be entitled to them, know how to access them, and/or feel able to ask for help.  

This is where our Community Connection Service comes in.  

Elizabeth and Louisa are our Community Connectors, serving the South Auckland community. They are here to listen, understand, close the loops and walk alongside you, enabling you to identify what support you need and connecting you to trusted local service providers, information, advice and assistance that can help you out, short or long-term. If you live outside of South Auckland, they can connect you to other Community Connectors in your local area.  

Whatever your need they can connect you with care and confidentiality to the help and services that are out there. This could be to do with financial assistance and budgeting, legal advice, employment, starting a business, immigration, training and upskilling, addictions and mental health, parenting programmes, housing issues, driver’s licenses, filling out forms, writing a CV or just getting more tech savvy.  

Our service is free and available to anyone. You can make contact with us by completing a registration form online or by phone or email. We’ll then walk you through what we do and how we do it to make sure you feel safe, understood and looked after.  

Our Community Connection Team is a service funded by MSD, follow the link below for more information:

What is involved in the Community Connector Service?


Contact Liz or Louisa:

  •  via email:
  • or Register through the form below

Get to know you

Let us know what you need:  

  • We’ll get to know you
  • Help to assess your situation and identify the needs, challenges and issues you want solutions to.

Your Options

Talk you through:

  • The options available to you, who and what would be able to help you
  • Refer you to the right person, agency, provider when you are happy with the plan.

Check in

Make sure you’re okay:

  • By checking back in with you to make sure you’re doing okay, getting the service, support and information you asked for
  • See if there is anything else we can do for you.