Enterprising Family Programme

Good Business Doing Good in the Community

What is eFAMILY?

eFAMILY or Enterprising Families, is  a free, 12- week programme that supports families as members of the oneCOOPERATIVE who are interested in turning a passion,
skill or dream into a money-making enterprise, cottage industry or a bona fide business organisation. 

We know that setting up and running a limited liability company isn’t for everyone but making money lawfully from selling goods or services is really important, and is fairly straightforward with the right things in place. We also know that the family – our relationships, shared experiences and commitment to family – is often where business ideas are seeded, grown and nurtured (or not). Family and whanau can sometimes be someone’s biggest cheerleader or blocker. Getting family support and encouragement is often the first place where a business venture can succeed or fail. Doing it together also means that family members can contribute as well as benefit by growing and accumulating individual and collective capital and assets. That’s why the eFAMILIES programme caters for families or family members who are either completely new to the ‘world of business’ or have some experience and need a bit of help to get the foundations right to set themselves up to succeed.

Programme Steps


— Recruitment & Registeration

The simplest way to get on board is to contact us through out website contact form or social media’s. We set-up a one-on-one (either phone call or zoom) to get to know you and get you to register to become an eFAMILY.  


— Assessment & Validation

To better  understand where you are in your enterprising journey, you complete a self-assessment and validation process over two weeks. We then review your self-assessment and meets with you to discuss your results.



Based on your assessment you are entered into an 8-Week training programme under either oneBASKET, oneHERITAGE, oneBODY, or oneTRADES, participating in training, mentoring, networking, and job opportunities.


— Review, Graduate, & Next Steps

Once you’ve completed the 8-Week Training we review your progress to identify – programme content and improvements; and impacts the programme has had on your and your family. We then agree on next steps going forward and how to sustain progress, and celebrate achievements.

Enterprising Family Testimonies

"Pepe's Kitchen"

“Happy that I got all the certificates I needed for our business. It will help to get me further and to achieve my long-term goals.”

"Terence's Kitchen"

“CIDANZ helped me with my journey.”

“The customers we’ve met said that they have enjoyed our food.”

“We have offered to support CIDANZ with any new families who are interested in joining the eFAMILY program. “