"to build an enterprising spirit across our communities"

eFAMILY Programme

Getting started in enterprise can be a daunting prospect. eFAMILY is a FREE programme that takes away the fear and guides individuals and families through their enterprising journey in a clear, practical and supportive way.

What is eFAMILY?

Enterprising Families or “eFAMILY” was founded on the idea that our communities have valuable skills, knowledge, ideas and capabilities. We want to empower our eFAMILIES to be self-determining and have an inherent optimism about their future by building an enterprising spirit and providing a supportive framework in which their enterprise can develop and grow. 

Self-determination happens when people are motivated to grow and change because their needs for connection, autonomy and competence are met.  eFAMILY supports you on your enterprising journey by meeting your needs for piri’anaga (connection), mātūtū (autonomy) and mākirikiri (competence). 

What is involved in the eFAMILY Programme?


Before we Get to Business

— Piri'anga: Connection

“The most important stage of any enterprise is the beginning” – Plato

  •  It is essential that we get to know you (and you us). Our relationship will be the key foundation to supporting you on your enterprising journey.
  • We will meet with you (in person or online) to find out about you and your enterprise as well as explain in detail what eFAMILY can offer you.
  • We connect you with an enterprise coach or mentor on our team.

Get Clear on What We're Doing

— Mātūtū: Autonomy

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” – Demosthenes

 Enterprise validation and planning are critical to clarify and focus attention on your enterprise why, how and what.

  • We will take you through an enterprise validation and planning process. This process is led by you so that you can determine your enterprise goals and what success looks like for you. 

We Invest in Your Development & Training

— Mākirikiri: Competence

“Every enterprise is learning and teaching institution.  Training &  development must be built into it on all levels, training & development that never stop” – Peter Drucker

 Access to 2-hour sessions of specialist advice (such as business set-up, tax requirements, and branding).

  • 90-day enterprise development programme.
  • Referral to relevant training programmes.
  • Support with certification requirements.

Stay Connected

“No enterprise can exist for itself alone” – Calvin Coolidge

 We offer eFAMILIES the opportunity to become part of our oneCOOPERATIVE network so that they can remain connected with us and other eFAMILIES and receive the benefits and opportunities that oneCOOPERATIVE generates.

 If you would like to join our eFAMILY programme please complete our Online Registration Form below.

Enterprising Family Testimonies

"Pepe's Kitchen"

“Happy that I got all the certificates I needed for our business. It will help to get me further and to achieve my long-term goals.”

"Terence's Kitchen"

“CIDANZ helped me with my journey.”

“The customers we’ve met said that they have enjoyed our food.”

“We have offered to support CIDANZ with any new families who are interested in joining the eFAMILY program. “