A New Day for Cooperative Action

"E Ra No Te 'Anga'anga Ta'okotai"

Supporting the sustainable socio-cultural and economic development of Cook Islands Communities across New Zealand.

Culture & Language

A thriving community has a strong connection to their culture, language, & traditions. CIDANZ aims to be a leader in providing culture and language initiatives that build and promote a strong sense of cultural identity in our community and our māpū.

Services & Programmes


Wellbeing of individuals and families is important to achieving a unified and prosperous community. By providing relevant programmes and services that meet the wellbeing needs of our community, we can accomplish more together.

Services & Programmes

Partnerships & Collaboration

We understand that through partnerships and collaborations, we can accomplish greater outcomes for our community by cooperating with other organisations to share resources, knowledge and skills.


We are the Cook Islands Development Agency New Zealand, based in South Auckland, Mangere. Our mandate is to increase social and local economic development by supporting individuals and families to actively participate in initiatives that can generate financial wellness.


Joining together, Investing in ourselves, Working cooperatively, and Innovation & Enterprise


A Unified and Prosperous Cook Islands Community


Advances & innovations in Cook Islands social, cultural, human and economic development are led and enriched by the contributions and confident, capable, and cooperative people, supported by an ecosystem responsive to their aspirations, needs and contributions. Galvanising Cook Islanders to contribute better to New Zealand and Cook Islands society through leveraging, exchanging, and growing our collective power & energy.

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