"Working Together for the COMMON-UNITY"

Our Team

Caren Rangi

Interim Chief Executive

Kia Orana,
Thank you to those who were able to join our Board and staff as we farewelled our outgoing CEO Rouruina Emil’e-Brown on Friday 31st May 2024. It was a wonderful celebration of her dedication and service to the organisation and our Cook Islands communities and while we will miss her at the office, we know we will still be seeing her back in our community.
For the next two months up to 31 July, Caren Rangi has stepped in to be Interim Chief Executive while the Board recruits its next permanent Chief Executive. Caren will oversee the team and the recruitment arrangements while also supporting the Board and its work.
In the meantime, CIDANZ is still operating business as usual.
Mercedes Brown

Corporate Services Manager

Louisa Marsters

Service Delivery Manager

Coming Soon…


Kia Orana, 

My name is Louisa Marsters, born and raised in South Auckland, Mangere.  I am married and blessed with seven children, two beautiful mokopuna – Ruben and Hannah-Lu and our two Neo-mastiff dogs, Bruno and Stella. A core value I uphold is FAMILY.  Family values are important because they provide a foundation of protection, guidance, affection and support. I  carry these values with me in my everyday life experiences. I come from a background of working in the community/church where I have nurtured and grown my passion in serving our people.  I look forward to engaging, equipping and empowering our people to a place of achievement.  I am privileged to be part of the Cidanz family and look forward to growing and learning more in this work-space. 

Atawai and God’s Blessings to you all 

Letina Andrew

Operations Administrator

Anthony Tou

Wellbeing Navigator

Kia Orana, I am a Cook Islander who was born and raised here in New Zealand residing in Mangere.

 Together with my Husband Thomas Andrew we have four beautiful children, Vanessa (12), Jarome (11), Drake (9) and Thomas Jnr (7). I am grateful for the opportunity to be the Operations Administrator for an organisation like CIDANZ who value the minds of families and individuals to build their dreams. Since I started here in October 2020, I have been inspired by the amazing people who work in it and the community they help serve. I hope that my time here, with my 4 years of business administrator experience will help to support the team and our community grow. I do hope I get to pick up on the reo too, so I can get to teach my children the language as well. 



I look forward to meeting and watching new and past entrepreneurs who inspire me with their amazing ideas grow for our future. Surround yourself with like minded people and watch your goals prosper.

Phiipi 4:13 E tika iaku te au mea ravarai nei, i te mesia ko tei akamaroiroi mai iaku. 


Phillipians 4:13 I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me  


Kia iOrana tatou ite aroa ranuinuio o to tatou Atua ko Iesu Mesia.  Ko toku Ingoa ko Anthony Tou toku metuavaine no Mitiaro mai toku metuatane no Vaka Puaikura e Enuamanu. 


A little bit  about my background i was born here in Auckland NZ however raised on the island of Nukuroa, travelling back to NZ frequently. I attended Nukutere College and gained a scholarship to further my secondary schooling here in NZ at Wesley college .After completing my secondary studies i returned back to Rarotonga gained employment at Ministry of Justice in the Births Death Marriages sector before making the move back to Aotearoa to seek greener pastures. Continued working for Ministry of Justice here in auckland as a Collection Agent Deputy Registrar then moved to Council in funding advocacy after several years working within government i needed to change so went from office work into the warehouse hands on physical work. As well ongoing volunteering work as this is my passion to serve our community whether it be in church or my enua community. 


In saying that i was fortunate to be a part of our 1st Covid 19 Cook island vaccination drive at the Atiu Hall which then opened my eyes as to what was going on within our own communities and families that were struggling not only financially but mentally as well. Hense why this is my passion to enhance the wellbeing of our people within Aotearoa as well as our people from our homeland Te Kuki Airani Educating as well as supporting their individual needs. 


Ko Au Teia!!!! Te Atua Te Aroa Kia Orana e Kia Manuia  

Janet Akai

Marketing & Communications

Tangi Mataroa

Wellbeing Navigator

Kia Orana, 

I was born in Aitutaki, raised between Aitutaki and Atiu, moving to New Zealand in 1998. I became immersed in the Kiwi-culture and in a large way, lost a piece of my cultural identity. Being in this organisation has allowed me to regain some of that identity and at the same time, has opened my eyes to the challenges our communities face. Previously I’d been studying at AUT University and worked at Auckland Council. Those valued experiences have helped me thrive in CIDANZ. 


It has been many years since the first day (2014) I’d walked into this organisation, and since then I’ve gained a better understanding of myself and our people. I’ve stayed on because not only do I believe in the vision and values of this organisation, but because I feel that I owe it to my community to apply my learned knowledge into the development of our people. I hope that when I do move on from this place that it’ll come to be known by all as the home of our Cook Islands culture, and act as the catalyst that secures and gathers our people in one place.


Bless the Lord, my soul and all that is within him, his holy name.  

E akameitaki ia Iehova e taku vaerua e to roto katoa iaku nei I tona ra ingoa tapu.  

Praise God for his Glory and Honor and for His Son Jesus Christ our savior. 

 My name is Tangi Chung Ching Mataroa.  Born and raised in Rarotonga to my beautiful parents Chung Ching (aka Dean) Chung Ching Ah Sin of Arorangi and Nooroa Tanu Raina of Titikaveka. 

Brought up by my lovely grandparents Papa Chung Ching (aka Tanitini) Ah Sin and Mama Jepelily Teumere (aka Iepe) Bates also of Arorangi. 

 Did all my schooling in Rarotonga, worked with the Bank for 11 years then switched to three Hotels for over 20 years before moving to New Zealand in 2020.   

 Have been heavily involved as a Leader with Youth groups, executive member in  Vainetini groups both the church and community and also with the Netball club as a player and executive member.  

And moving to New Zealand is an opportunity given where I was able to be a part of the CIDANZ family where I am also able to give or use some of my skills and knowledge back to our workspace and the community. 

 Working alongside a group of young and smart individuals has been great and exchanging skills and knowledge with one another.  Especially with the language and cultural side of things where I have been a great supporter to the Te Maeva Nui groups in Rarotonga and here in New Zealand or the behind-the-scenes crew.  

  Have also worked with the Ministry of Education as a Tutor with sewing, weaving and ei making classes for the Continue Education Program. 

 We moved to New Zealand as the Cook Islands Consul General (my husband) in 2020.  And looking forward to more challenges ahead in time. 

 Meitaki Maata. 

Charlie Charlie

Wellbeing Navigator

Coming soon.