“Good Business Doing Good in the Community” – Pacific Social Enterprise Symposium 2019

The Pacific Social Enterprise Symposium 2019 brought together some of the brightest minds across the globe to provide insights into the enterprising world of our Pacific communities. There were many inspirational speakers, however two that stood out for us was Emeline & Alipate Mafile’o, owners and operators of Tupu’anga Coffee; and young leader Maia Mariner, founder of Lazy Sneakers.

Tupu’anga Coffee provided us with a strong example of what we can do to uplift our people through continuing to do what we already know how to do, but improving our social impact with little innovation, belief in our people, and hard work. “Family owned and operated, Tupu’anga Coffee is an ethical trade product made up of 100% Arabica beans. It is grown, harvested and produced in Tonga, and provides sustainability to families and communities living there. The profits of the business are reinvested in to the delivery of AW programmes, providing mentoring to around 400 children and their families each year.”

Inspiring leader Maia Mariner, owner of Lazy Sneakers taught us that with selflessness and a gentle heart, we can do good in our community by simply giving. “Maia was only 12 (2017) when she developed the idea for Lazy Sneakers. All she had was a passion to help others and a family to back her. Since the project has started, she has been able to provide sneakers for children, student athletes, families and social services. ”

Following the symposium and the positive impacts of these two social enterprises, we are bolstered and energised to continue to improve our Enterprising Families Program.

For more information on the Symposium, visit their Facebook or Website.