Opposition Supports strict Quarantine

Written by Florence Syme Buchanan

Pictured: MP Tina Browne

The stance of extreme caution taken by the ministry of Health Te Marae Ora to double quarantine and twice Covid-19 test returning Cook Islands residents has been supported by the Democratic Party opposition leader Tina Browne and her caucus.

“We would rather see our health ministry being possibly overly cautious rather than too relaxed. It’s reassuring that our health experts who have put these very strict measures in place for returnees also have the support of so many local residents. Our Te Marae Ora staff, the government and our communities have worked hard to keep us Covid-19 free, we are in our bubble and no one wants us to sacrifice what we have achieved and our virus free situation to change for the worse.”

“The Democratic Party Opposition is standing in support of the vigilant stance that the government has taken, we just can’t afford to make any mistakes.”

Browne says she has been in contact with the golden oldies netball mamas who are now undergoing two weeks quarantine and Covid testing in Auckland with a further two weeks and second test to be done in Rarotonga – “they remain cheerful and grateful that they are finally on their way home. Our mamas fully appreciate the need to be extremely cautious to protect our vulnerable populations, they’re being very brave in quarantine and patient.”