Consultation on the way for the Cook Islands Immigration Bill 2020

Written by the Cook Islands Parliament

Consultations are currently on the way for one of the most important Bills of today as Cook Islanders fight to hold on to their heritage. Consultations for Rarotonga were completed during the last week of May and now the Select Committee is turning their attention to the Outer Islands before a report on the Consultations is tabled in Parliament September.

The Immigration Bill Select Committee 2020 was established by Parliament on 25 March 2020, to review and consider the Immigration Bill 2020 and report its recommendations back to Parliament by 30 September 2020.

The membership of the Committee is as follows:

Pictured: Immigration Bill 2020 Select Committee Members (photo Cook Islands Parliament)

Chairperson: Hon Min Mac Mokoroa
Deputy Chairperson: Hon MP Vaitoti Tupa
Hon MP Tai Tura
Hon MP Tina Browne
Hon MP Tehani Brown
Hon MP Patrick Arioka
Hon MP Tamaiva Tuavera

The purpose of the Bill is to manage immigration in a way that balances the national interest, as determined by the Crown, and the rights of individuals. The present Act (the Entry, Residence and Departure Act 1971-72) is outdated and difficult to read and apply.

This Bill reforms and modernizes immigration law in the Cook Islands and takes account of extensive consultation in the Cook Islands about how to change the immigration system in a way which best suits the needs of the Cook Islands.

Immigration Bill Select Committee (IBSC) invites public feedback into the review of the new Immigration Bill 2020

A copy of the bill can be accessed online and is available for download from the Parliament of the Cook Islands website –  and Parliament Facebook Page. In addition, copies will be made available at all the Puna stations on Rarotonga beginning Monday 11 May 2020, for public reading and awareness.

Expression of interest for submissions on the Immigration bill can be emailed or delivered to the Committee Secretary, Margret Numanga, email contact – or Address your submission to:

Committee Secretary

Immigration Bill Select Committee
Parliament of the Cook Islands
Rarotonga, Cook Islands.