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Te Mato Vai project Needs to be Investigated

Written by Florence Tia Syme-Buchanan Calls for a full and independent commission of inquiry into the highly controversial  Te Mato Vai project have been renewed by Shadow Infrastructure minister William Heather. Heather says there should be a thorough investigation into the project from inception, paid for visits to China by government personnel, the failed work […]

Cook Islands shadow health minister supports helmets for all

Written by Florence Tia Syme-Buchanan Cook Islands shadow Health minister Sel Napa says she has always been in favour of compulsory helmets for all and stands by her decision to vote in support of the Transport Amendment Act that will see this come into effect later this month. “I made a vote that my conscience […]

Nikao Social Center becomes the home for the Nikao Market

Written by Tauraki Rongo After the Nikao Social Center was destroyed by cyclone Sally in 1987, the name carried on. People including locals continue to ask why it was called the Social centre. At least for some people the concrete floor was there as solid evidence where they can begin telling their own version of […]

Kāre ē ko te Pare kumete te pa’u’anga

Written by Tauraki Rongo ‘I te Ma’anakai ‘i topa, kua rave ‘ia atu teta’i ‘akaari’anga manako nō te ture ‘ōu ē kia ‘a’ao teta’i ‘ua atu tangata te kā nā runga ‘i te pātikara matīni ‘i te pare kumete. Kua ‘aere pupu atu teta’i ma’ata’anga tangata nā runga ‘i te mataara ‘i Rarotonga nā runga […]

Democratic Party Supports China but only on the Virus Stigmatization Issue

Written by Florence Syme-Buchanan Democratic Party Opposition leader Tina Browne says she will stand by the statement issued by the Republic of China ministry of Foreign Affairs that countries, including the Cook Islands agree to “…oppose any attempt at stigmatization, politicizing or labeling the virus, support the leading role of the World Health Organization in […]

Keeping Active and Keeping Young with Papa Tai Lindsay

Written by Kathleen Lindsay Cook Island born Papa Vaine-Tutai-O-Noo Lindsay known to family and friends as ‘Papa’ is enjoying life at 80 years old. Living in his home in Orakei Auckland for close to 45 years that he shared with his late wife Kathleen Lindsay (née Ioaba-Tamarua) whom are very well known locals. Papa is […]

Akatu’anga’anga no te Akamatutu

Written by Tauraki Rongo Kua ‘akakite ‘oki te Minita ō te ‘iti Tangata patipika te Mema Ngāteitei Aupito William Sio ē, ko te au ngā’i ‘anga’anga ā te ‘iti tangata Patipika teta’i ‘i tā’ī’ī meitaki ki te tū kaui tei ‘akatupu’ia ē teia maki. Nō teia tū kaui, ‘ē 80 Mirioni Tārā tei ‘akano’o’ia ‘ei […]

Akapapa’anga Moni o Aotearoa nei

Written by Tauraki Rongo I roto i te akapapa’anga moni a te Kavamani no teia mataiti 2020, kua akatu’anga ia tetai 195 Mirioni tara no te kimi ravenga atu’anga i te tauturu i te au tangata tei tamanamanata’ia atu ta ratou ngai angaanga e te raui o te maki Civid-19. Pictured: NZ Minister of Finance […]